get motivated training   with a group of like minded people! 

Mid Morning Mayhem led by Neil Cameron is ideal for beginners and seniors because posture and form is his obsession. Due to many injuries and physical disfunction out of his control, proper technique became instrumental in his progress, and he will teach you why it should be for everyone. 

Small groups mean you will have a close eye kept on you during every movement ensuring they are done correctly, with proper form and technique. M3 is a multi-level, full body workout that is sure to get your heart pumping and muscles firing. With multiple progressions for each movement, this style of circuit training is sure to be a great workout!

Intended for seniors and new gym go-ers looking to have a little bit of fun, while they conquer long procrastinated goals. Maybe even establish new ones! A nice balance of Cardio, flexibility and strength training, meant for all levels of participants, ranging from youthful to seniored. Why wait? Let's conquer those goals together, to ensure you become BETTER THAN YESTERDAY!

Boot Camps are $15 each and held Monday & Wednesday @ 9 a.m